Things You Should Know Before Studying in Canada
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Study in Canada for the year 2021 according to the new Canadian scholarship program: many privileges and opportunities to study in Canada

Study in Canada If you want to study and obtain a scientific or technical qualification in the field you desire, in this article we will put in your hands a set of valuable information, which will enlighten you in order to obtain an internationally recognized certificate, from a Canadian university or institute Known for its heritage, both in the academic and research aspects, this is what opens the doors of employment for you in any country in the world, and not only in Canada because the classification of Canadian universities is one of the best in the world.

What is the new scholarship program in Canada for the year 2021?
It is a program announced by the Canadian government to grant scholarships to students who do not hold Canadian citizenship, where the student can study, at any Canadian university or technical or technical institute of his choice, and here we explain that one of the advantages of this scholarship is that it provides for many disciplines, unlike other scholarships that are limited to A specific university or a specific discipline, and master’s students can take advantage of this scholarship to continue their higher studies at a Canadian university, and the aim of this program is to bring students from different countries of the world to study in various Canadian institutes and universities, and train them scientifically and professionally in proportion to the market Work in order to be active members of their community studying in Canada.

How to get a scholarship through the new scholarship program in Canada for the year 2021
In order for the student to benefit from the new program of scholarships in Canada, he must first choose the specialization he desires according to his level and scientific branch, then he must join a Canadian university or one of the institutes in which he wishes to practice his studies, and register in the academic program of this institute or university, where the latter By requesting the scholarship for this student instead, from the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, which is supervising this grant. Not to mention the expenses associated with their undergraduate or training studies in the institution that accepted their application, whether it is an institute, university or college of study in Canada.

Scholarship Worth Offered by Canada Scholarship Program 2021
The scholarship varies according to the specialization, the academic level and the duration of study. Four months, so if the study period is two years, the value of the scholarship will be one hundred and twenty thousand Canadian dollars, to cover the expenses of the entire period of study, and this amount is included in the expenses of the educational institution, so upon receiving the grant, the administration of the institution, whether it is a university or institute, will be asked The student has five hundred Canadian dollars as administrative fees to study in Canada.

Advantages of the Canadian Scholarship Program for the year 2021 Study in Canada
In addition to the considered financial value provided, the Canadian Scholarship Program for the year 2021 offers many privileges to the student who has been accepted in the institution, in order to ensure the material, moral and social care for the student, and to provide a suitable atmosphere for study, and these privileges are as follows:

Comprehensive health insurance

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Covering the costs of a Canadian visa
Air tickets to go and return tickets after the end of the study period
Covering the tuition fees of the university or institute in which the student has been accepted
Covering transportation costs within Canada
Covering the expenses of the textbooks that the student needs to practice his studies.

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